Garland Road Vision-History

In 2006, then Dallas City Council member Gary Griffith formed the Garland Road Vision Advisory Committee (“GRV”) to plan for the future of the Garland Road Corridor from 635, past the Arboretum and the Spillway, to the intersection of Garland, Gaston and East Grand Avenues.  This project is a Small Area Action Plan under “ForwardDallas,” an initiative approved by the Dallas City Council as the model for future growth of our city.  The GRV Committee is made up of individuals who represent neighborhoods and individual stakeholders which abut Garland Road in the designated stretch.  The purpose of the GRV Advisory Committee is to oversee the urban planning study of the Garland Road Corridor. Without a group such as the GRV Committee, the concern is that a master plan would never be developed, much less funded.  The rationale is simple:  If we show an interest, so will the City Council.  The Quality of Life Committee of the City Council has approved this cooperative endeavor.  Once the study is complete and adopted by the City of Dallas, it should improve the opportunity for various resultant projects to be funded by future bond programs.

It is very important to note – no set agenda or vision currently exists. Rather, the GRV Advisory Committee is committed to steering a process in which the wishes of the communities of Garland Road are sought, focused, and implemented as part of the urban planning process. 

All points of view will be sought through town hall meetings, among other tools directed by HOK consultant team.  All residents and stakeholders are encouraged to attend these meetings and share their vision for Garland Road. 

HOK, a professional urban planning consultant firm, has been hired to author the formal study. The urban planning study will cost approximately $150,000. Initial funds have been raised to launch the study process, as a result of lengthy fundraising efforts by the GRV Committee.  Donations from individuals, companies, and neighborhood associations have totaled more than $30,000.  The GRV Advisory Committee is very grateful for the show of support from all these donors, and the funds, deposited in trust with the Communities Foundation of Texas, constitute a tax-deductible donation.  In addition, the GRV has been the beneficiary of a Regional Transportation Council Sustainable Development Program grant from the North Texas Council of Governments (COG) in the amount of $120,000.  The show of local and neighborhood support for GRV was a definite factor in COG’s decision to fund this effort, and all of us who are neighbors of Garland Road and who are impacted by it should be very grateful for this investment in our future.

The selection of an urban planning firm has been completed by the City and COG.  The consultant team is lead by HOK. The consultant team will work with COG, the City, and the GRV Advisory Committee as part of the specific planning process. It is anticipated that a workable plan adopted by the City of Dall will be available for funding sources by the third quarter of 2010. The private donors and all the various constituencies who make up the Garland Road community will remain apprised of the progress of the planning project.  Garland Road can and should be an avenue of accessibility, beauty, and attractive utility to all who live or work near it. The Garland Road Vision hopes to facilitate the process of getting it there, with input from all of you – please plan to participate in the process!