Garland Road Vision-FAQ’s

What is the GRV?
The Garland Road Vision is an initiative created for the enhancement of both operational function and aesthetic character along the Garland Road corridor from the Dallas/Garland City limits at LBJ freeway to the intersection at Gaston Avenue.  The GRV will become a tangible study, which will serve the City of Dallas as a guiding document for both future bond program projects and private development.  The study will take approximately one year to complete and will be the result of input from all Garland Road residents and stakeholders.

Who is paying for the study?
Initial funds have been raised to launch the study process, as a result of lengthy fundraising efforts by the GRV Committee.  Donations from individuals, companies, and neighborhood associations have totaled more than $30,000. The GRV Advisory Committee is very grateful for the show of support from all these donors, and the funds, deposited in trust with the Communities Foundation of Texas, constitute a tax-deductible donation.  In addition, the GRV has been the beneficiary of a Regional Transportation Council Sustainable Development Program grant from the North Texas Council of Governments (COG) in the amount of $120,000.

What part of Garland Road is included?
The study extends from the Dallas/Garland City limits at LBJ freeway to the intersection at
Gaston Avenue. 

Who can participate?
The GRV Advisory Committee is committed to steering a process in which the wishes of the communities of Garland Road are sought, focused, and implemented as part of the urban planning process.  All points of view will be sought through town hall meetings, among other tools directed by the urban planning consultant.  All residents and stakeholders are encouraged to attend these meetings and share their vision for Garland Road. 

How is GRV organized?
The GRV advisory committee is made up of individuals who represent a number of neighborhoods and individual stakeholders, which abut Garland Road within the study area.  The purpose of the GRV Advisory Committee is to oversee the urban planning study of the Garland Road Corridor. For listing of advisory committee members and contact information, see contacts. 

What is the relationship between the GRV and the City of Dallas?
The City of Dallas is represented on the GRV advisory committee and will administrate the consultant contract during the planning process.

What is the estimated time frame of the study process?
One year

Who is the urban planning consultant team?
HOK Consultants is our selected consulting firm. Further information about the consulting team can be found at Consultant Information.

How do we stay informed on coming GRV activities?
Refer to our website or contact the advisory committee directly through email

How can we contribute to the fund raising effort?
If you would like to contribute to the GRV planning process, please write your check to the Garland Road Vision Fund in care of:

The Communities Foundation of Texas  
5500 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225

How do we contact the GRV?
You are encouraged to contact the GRV advisory committee member representing your area or email us at

How do we contact the consultant?
You can contact HOK at HOK Consultants.





Questions or Suggestions

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact any of our Advisory Committee members by email or email